Identity Personal to Planetary

Remembering your roots.

We are offering a workshop for those of you who would like to experience more deeply an expansion of your personal self, transcending cultural separations and experience your connection to the web of life.

All are welcome, this can be experienced no matter who you are or whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs are.

It is an invitation to expand your awareness and personal identity on an experiential level. To reconnect with your roots. There will be guided visualization, connecting activities in a circle, and taking on roles in a mythic improvisational play. 

We seek to transcend cultural separations, integrate the personal, planetary, spirit, and matter, to explore the very web of life. Reconnect with Earth / Spirit / Self.

In these days of ecological and cultural crisis, this experiential integration, reconnection and centering, can act as a touchstone and guide.

For more information or if you would like to schedule a workshop please contact

Current workshop schedule:

June 2010